The Enforcer Tsunami is built on the Heavy Duty Sled system with a water ballast tank that holds up to 800 litres of water (800kg).

The idea behind the water ballast tank is to give weight and resistance to the scrum pack. Upon engagement the water rushes towards the pack and then splashes away to the back of the tank, which pulls the machine away from the players. This causes the scrum to have to chase their feet.

The water volume can be varied to suit the strength and ability of the pack. Alternatively, the transport wheel system can be partially engaged to reduce resistance against the playing surface which caters for a less dominant scrum. This prevents having to drain water from the ballast tank.

The Tsunami model comes with an adjustable pressure measuring compression headboard only.

It is also fitted with our newly developed binding pads which were designed in consultation with Andrew Blades and Laurie Fisher.

All Enforcer machines are powder coated twice, once with anti-rust and the second coat is for the tone and durability. Machines can be painted in any colour upon request.