• I have been using Enforcer Machines since their invention in 1999. I thoroughly recommend them for their durability, manoeuvrability and effectiveness in creating the best scrummaging training environment. The contribution of the Enforcer Pro Scrum Simulator cannot be underestimated in the success of our scrummaging effort in recent seasons.

    Ewen McKenzieFormer NSW Waratahs’, QLD Reds’ and Wallabies’ Coach
  • The Enforcer range is the most efficient and effective scrum machine available. It is a machine for junior right through to elite teams.

    Eddie JonesFormer Brumbies’ and Wallabies’ coach and Current Head Coach of the Japanese national side (2015)
  • I have been using Enforcer scrum machine with all my teams since the very first one rolled out of production. They have proved to be the most practical and effective scrum machine I have seen or used and would highly recommend every school or club to make an Enforcer investment.

    Ewen McKenzieHead Coach Queensland Reds (2010)
  • I have been using the Enforcer Pro, both at the Brumbies and the Wallabies, for the best part of ten years. It’s a very important part of our preparation each week. It’s a fantastic product and really a world class scrummaging machine. We get a huge amount out of it.

    Stephen MooreBrumbies’ and Wallabies’ Hooker (2015)
  • A dominant scrum is crucial to success in Super Rugby and we at the St.George Queensland Reds are pleased to be able to work with the Enforcer Scrum Machines when training at Ballymore. When combined with good, sound technique and hard work, the Enforcer Scrum Machine allows us to obtain a game-like training environment when it comes to preparing the Reds’ forwards for one of the more difficult and technical aspects of the game. The latest additions to the Enforcer Scrum Machine have allowed us to replicate the engagement sequence with precision and are a great benefit to us in our preparations for Super Rugby.

    Nick StylesForwards’ Coach St George Queensland Reds (2016)
  • In using any sort of scrum machine you need to make it as close as you can to what it’s going to be like on the field and opposition. I think Enforcer gets as close to that as pretty much any scrum machine in the world and over the last couple of years we’ve certainly improved our scrum with the Brumbies and certainly with the Wallabies using this kind of technology.

    Ben DarwinFormer Wallabies’ Tighthead Prop (28 Tests 2001-2003), former Forwards’ Coach- Suntory Rugby, Japan (2012-2013)
  • The Enforcer allows our big front row to easily adjust and perform their scrummaging drills without discomfort. This is certainly a big plus for us because more often than not, most of the machines we use are either too light – which meant we had to compensate with all sorts of weights – or the size of our props made it difficult for them to scrum effectively.

    Gert SmalFormer South African Springboks’ Assistant Coach
  • We do a large amount of our work live but to really get things like our balance and timings and work as an eight, and given the nature of the competition, you can’t be bashing into each other at training during the week and expect to perform at the weekend. The Enforcer provides a good way to get lots of your scrum basics in place without having that physical pressure on your side.

    Laurie FisherFormer Forwards’ Coach, ACT Brumbies and Head Coach of Gloucester (2015)
  • Enforcer scrum machines are a quality product used by the Brumbies on a regular basis. The scrum is a complex area of the game that needs constant attention to be effective. Enforcer machines provide a controlled environment that gives us the ability to break the scrum down into simpler components, resulting in safer, more specific and more efficient sessions.

    Dan PalmerACT Brumbies’ Scrum Coach (2015)
  • The Western Force has partnered with Enforcer since the club’s inception 10 years ago. The scrum is a very technical aspect of the game and a key platform from which to play, and having quality and reliable training equipment – such as the Enforcer Pro – is an important part of the team’s preparation. The machine is sturdy, can be easily adjusted and plays a regular role within our scrum preparation.

    Michael FoleyWestern Force Head Coach (2015)
  • The Enforcer Scrum Machine is without a doubt the best product of its kind. When it comes to scrummaging, no other machine simulates the art of scrummaging better. It is an absolute must for any team keen on improving their set piece work.

    Laurie WeeksPlayer at the Melbourne Rebels (2015)
  • The new laws have ensured a greater set piece focus and the scrum is an ideal time to ensure your backs have a great platform to launch from. The Enforcer Scrum Machine has proved for a number of years to be the best product on the market. As a coach, I find it easy to use and the players genuinely enjoy using the Enforcer over any other machine.

    Matt TinkScrum coach for the Melbourne Rebels
  • The Enforcer Scrum Machine is the most reliable and effective product on the market and assists the St.George Queensland Reds’ in developing a dominant scrum. The Reds’ forward pack trains regularly with the Enforcer Scrum Machine, as it provides the most realistic scrum experience outside of packing live scums. As a former Reds’ and Wallabies’ player, I was fortunate to have packed against one of the first prototypes and have exclusively used the Enforcer Scrum Machine for the past 15 years.

    Nick StylesForwards’ Coach St George Queensland Reds (2015)
  • The Enforcer is the most effective scrum machine available to Rugby teams at all levels of the game. It has been the central piece of equipment used in the development of the Waratahs’ scrum over the past ten years.

    Chris HickeyFormer Head Coach, NSW Waratahs
  • The Enforcer scrum machines are easily transportable, adaptable and a great coaching tool for scrummaging.

    David NuciforaFormer Brumbies and Auckland Coach
  • We have found the Enforcer an excellent tool that complements our live scrummaging at training. The Enforcer has enhanced our players’ technique of all ages to enable them to have the confidence and ability to dominate their scrums in a game scenario. We feel blessed to have such a tool at our disposal.

    Brothers’ Rugby Union Club, Cairns
  • The Enforcer scrum machine is used in our Rugby program. It allows us to train players from the age of 10 to 18 in correct scrum technique, on a dynamic machine that simulates live scrums. The Enforcer can be used for entire forward packs or individual players and is an excellent way to develop good habits in young players.

    Andrew CleverleySportsmaster, The Scots College, Sydney, NSW (2015)
  • The Enforcer has been a valuable assistance in the development of scrummaging at Shore. The beauty is that it is ‘one size fits all’! Coaches are in close proximity to the scrum, offering instant feedback and correcting bad habits. The Enforcer has helped eliminate the bad habits of young forwards and has provided confidence for boys to scrummage properly in games.

    Mark TicehurstSportsmaster, Sydney Church of England Grammar School (SHORE) Sydney, NSW (2015)
  • Cranbrook Rugby has used the Enforcer scrum machines for almost ten years and have been very happy with the reliability and effectiveness of the product. The staff are always on hand to assist and offer the latest developments to Cranbrook as we strive to enhance the scrummaging skills of our players to ensure the safest playing possible.

    Luke BowerHead of Rugby, Cranbrook School, Sydney, NSW (2015)
  • With the smallest pack in our competition, maintaining body shape & scrum height is paramount for us to be able to dominate our opposition at scrum time. The Enforcer has 2 key advantages that gives real time feedback to both the coach & players; 1. If the front row has set too high or is driving upward, it will pivot & lift accordingly giving dynamic feedback to the entire pack. The scrum can then sink their knees & adjust on their next push, without having to reset every time. Other sled style scrum machines often give a false sense of achievement & can lead to poor technique being reinforced. 2. The dual sided brake mechanism allows the coach to ‘steer’ the scrum forward to simulate tactical game manoeuvres. Similarly, the brake settings provide an excellent reference point for trialling each scrum combination & their relative effectiveness.

    Matt Davis1st XV Forwards’ Coach, Christ Church Grammar School, Perth, WA (2015)