The Heavy Duty Sled has the same headrest as the Pro Simulator and AstroMax machines – width adjustable, manual pressure measuring compression. It is also fitted with our newly developed binding pads which were designed in consultation with Andrew Blades and Laurie Fisher. The Heavy Duty Sled weighs 500kg and measures 2 square metres. It is similar in weight to the Pro Simulator model (540kg) but may need some weight added for extra resistance. This machine is also ideal for manicured and artificial playing surfaces.

All Enforcer machines are powder coated twice, once with anti-rust and the second coat is for the tone and durability. Machines can be painted in any colour upon request.

Key features of the current model include:

The Heavy Duty Sled is supplied with the width adjustable pressure measuring headboard only.

This is a heavier system than the Enforcer Lite. It’s ideal for Club and School boy level.

The Heavy Duty Sled has a 12mm checker plate floor.

The checker plates cross hatched pattern faces down and gives increased resistance even on the wettest surfaces. This is a unique feature of the Enforcer machines.

It does not have the mechanical brake and roller system.

Heavy Duty Sleds are fitted with our newly designed binding pads. All existing Heavy Duty Sled can also be retro fitted with these new pads.


The Enforcer Heavy Duty Sled was specifically developed for the Wallabies’ training facilities. At the time, the playing surface was not well established and there were concerns about the spikes uprooting the new turf. The Wallabies’ ended up using both the Heavy Duty Sled and the Pro Simulator on the new turf with no visible damage.