The Enforcer AstroMax is specifically designed for astro surfaces or artificial grass and can also be used on normal grass surfaces.

The resistance comes from a 1.3 metre wide, ground engaging, heavy duty, toothed rubber belt with a tractor tread type surface (as opposed to Enforcer Pro Simulator’s usual dual spiked roller system). This acts on the same principal as a caterpillar track. It is ideal for manicured surfaces (either synthetic or natural) with pop up sprinkler and irrigation systems as damage to the playing surface is non-existent.

The braking pressure on the AstroMax is applied by rotating a hand wheel, in a clock wise direction, to increase resistance hydraulically. There is a pressure gauge that also indicates braking resistance. The gauge allows you to keep a record of the scrum progress throughout the year.

The weight of the AstroMax is 750kg and is approximately 2.2 metres wide x 2.6 metres long.

The AstroMax headrest is width adjustable with a manual pressure measuring compression headboard. The headboard is a standard feature on this particular machine.

The upgraded headrest, with the open pad design and width adjustment, is a safety feature to cater for all shapes and sizes in the front row.

In consultation with Andrew Blades (former Wallabies’ scrum coach) and Laurie Fisher (former Brumbies’ scrum coach), new binding pads have been developed to accommodate for the 2013 changes to scrummaging laws. This new system is length adjustable to cater for loose and tight head binding techniques. These pads are a standard feature on the current AstroMax models and can easily be retro fitted to all existing AstroMax machines.

All Enforcer machines are powder coated twice, once with anti-rust powder and the second coat is for the tone and durability. Machines can be painted in any colour upon request.