The Enforcer 4×4 is an alternative to our sled machines; effective, affordable and convenient.

This machine is a versatile low cost unit. It is designed to slip into a ‘Hayman Reece’ type tow bar on any vehicle. It relies on the motor vehicle’s hand or foot pedal brake to provide resistance.

The Enforcer 4×4 is height adjustable. This is essential so that it is compatible with different tow bar heights.

It is easily removed from the tow bar and placed into the back of the utility for transportation. Ideal for clubs with minimum storage facilities and for export as the modular system means it can break down into smaller cubic meters. Consequently, freight costs are reduced.

All Enforcer machines are powder coated twice, once with anti-rust and the second coat is for the tone and durability. Machines can be painted in any colour upon request.